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The Winter Spring Mawlid

The Olton Project was honoured to host the annual Winter Spring Mawlid (WSM) for twelve blessed nights (29th Oct – 9th Nov 2019). WSM highlights the immense importance of connecting our community both young and old and bringing them together to celebrate the life of our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, the greatest contributor to human success and felicity in history and the one who is the source of our happiness in this life and the next. 

The WSM is unique; presented by the modern day polymath, Shaykh Dr Asim Yusuf, it is focused on dhikr (remembrance) and highly participative, commencing with group recitation of Quran and ending with group recitation of the 201 names of the Prophet.  Each night, an esteemed UK scholar including, Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen, Shaykh Nasir Rashid, Shaykh Sjaad Hussain, Shaykh Abdul Bewley and Shaykh Dr Daniel Jackson, would deliver a short speech on a central theme. The program was well received and quickly surpassed organisers’ expectations, with a full house of up to 300 men, women and children each night and 100s from the UK and around the world, joining the live stream online.  The finale night saw an impressive 500 attendees! Over these blessed 12 nights, there was a collective total of 10 million salawat (prayers upon the Prophet) recited and the complete recitation of the only original English Mawlid work, The Soliloquy of the Full Moon. 

“Oh Lord Most High, do sanctify the one Prophetic Seal,
And with your grace, perfume the place his blessed form conceals.
And elevate and consecrate and hallow ever more

Madinah’s earth, Jerusalem, and blessed Umm al-Qura, 
Exalting he whose sandal made them pure.

{The Soliloquy of the Full Moon}

By Sally Shehata